How to find your ring size
in three easy steps


Get a length of string. Hold your palm as if to wear a bangle with thumb bent towards the little finger. Circle the string around your hand at its widest part and note the point where the tip meets the rest of the string. 


Hold the measured stretch of string against a scale or
a tape measure (on the centimetre side) to find the circumference of your closed hand through which a bangle would need to be slid in.


On the table given below, find the closest circumference to what you measured. Choose a bangle size one step above the one corresponding to the measured value.

CIRCUMFERENCE / BANGLE SIZE _________________________________________________________________

16.95 cm / 2-2
17.95 mm / 2-4
18.95 mm / 2-6
19.95 mm / 2-8
20.95 mm / 2-10
21.95 mm / 2-12